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The Richter Scale (2023)

The Richter Scale is an hour-long piano composition by German Composer Boris Bergmann. it is is the centerpiece of The Richter Project that comprised of 3 recordings: The Richter Scale Premixes, The Richter Scale and The Richter Scale Remixes. The Richter Project engages with the theme of subterranean seismic eruption as a broader reflection of cultural and emotional states of trauma, upheaval and resolution. Particularly in our post-pandemic global environment, the work serves as a metaphoric meditation on the environmental, geopolitical, medical, cultural and social cataclysms gripping and transforming the world today. In terms of structure, the composition is a kind of musical episodic film describing bizarre historic events relating to earthquakes.

The Richter Scale is available on CD at international record stores and online shops and digitally via all major DSPs including Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, etc.

Track Listing

A Planet’s Pulse
Richter the Poet
Recurring Dream
Expecting the Big One
Dance of the Things
How to dance out an Earthquake
Reversing the Mississippi
Voyager Golden Record
Epilogue – To the Beloved Ones
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