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Sonata Fantasy, The Book of Moments (2022)

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Sunrise
Chapter 3: Odyssey - “People United Will Never Be Defeated”
Chapter 4: Daydream
Chapter 5: Solitude Song
Chapter 6: A Written Reverie
Chapter 7: Raindrop
Chapter 8: Coming Home
Chapter 9: Chapter 2: Earth Idyll
Chapter 10: Hope and Pride
Chapter 11: Interlude: Chaos
Chapter 12: Deja-vu - Hope and Pride
Chapter 13: Elegy
Chapter 14: Transcendental Surpass
Chapter 15: Recapitulation - Reversed World
Chapter 16: Blue Sunrise on Mars
Chapter 17: Galaxy Idyll
Chapter 18: Einstein-Rosen Bridge
Chapter 19: Paralleled World
Chapter 20: Contemplation of Harmony
Chapter 21: Finale - Metempsychosis Ritual

“The Book of Moments was composed during the pandemic and was influenced by my experiences and travels between the east and west in 2020. To me, this project is a lens through which I see the world and exists as a species of performance art that transcends its purely musical dimensions. ‘The Book of Moments’ also pays homage to the sacrifices made by frontline professionals and staff members who worked day and night and enlightened our society during this challenging and memorable odyssey". — Ji Liu